Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Work In Progress

I’m certain if any of you have been following this ‘high school’ portion of my journey, you will be glad to know I am finished with this topic except for a few additional comments.

One teacher I have not yet mentioned was our music teacher. He was the grandson of classical composer Anton Dvorak and it was his first year in Canada. We loved him and he adopted our entire class as his ‘favorite’ memory of his first year spent here teaching.

As in most music classes we were required to sing the musical scale with ‘ah’s’…, re, me etcetera. After completing the scales we were to select a musical instrument. As class ended he asked me to wait…he said “I will make an agreement with you”! Oh, oh was I worried, I didn't think I had done anything wrong this day!  The gist of his comment was if I promised never to sing in his class, and to select only cymbals as an instrument he would give me a passing grade! I definitely could not as they say ‘sing for sour apples’ and was only to crash the cymbals when he pointed directly at me!

Just about this time ‘rock and roll’ was the music of choice among teenagers; our music instruction included classical music; recognition of composers by listening to their works and biographies of the composers. Moans and groans throughout the class! Included as well was the development of popular music themes throughout history. This gentleman instilled in each of us the desire to learn and listen to more than the popular music of the day.

He taught so much just by being the person he was. He told of his origins, his homeland, his world of music, travels, and elation at being in Canada. He helped us to believe that anything in life was possible with belief in oneself and hard work. He taught us to explore the ‘wonders’ of not only education but the world around us as he reveled in each new discovery of our country and our town!

Wherever he is today I have him to thank for opening my eyes to see and want to know farther horizons; to understand more of the world we live in.   It was indeed an honour to meet him!

In summary, my high school days were highlights of my life. Met some excellent educators, made wonderful friends. Gained confidence as I developed some social skills. Although very bored with business subjects I still came away with skills I would call upon as I traveled through life. I realize now that although I felt I had finally reached adulthood and felt complete, I was still a ‘work in progress’

The painting shown with this blog is titled 'Work In Progress'  see my art blog:-
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  1. As an educator I remember so many of my students unfortunately my memories of school did not seem to be at all like yours Ruby. I m looking forward to seeing the finished paintign.