Tuesday, May 11, 2010

High School Days – First Prom

Do you remember your first high school prom? I do! Every girl in the class had been asked to the prom - with one exception, me. Even the class goody two-shoes had a date and she was a short, homely little chub! Finally a Grade 13 boy asked me …. He didn’t have a date either as he had a hare lip and was scoffed at because of his speech impediment. I was in seventh heaven….not only a date, but a senior boy! Of course I said ‘yes’ right away.

My mother said ‘no’! Every day she said ‘no’. I begged, I pleaded, I did extra housework…’no’ was her final answer.   My grandmother intervened ... the answer was still 'no'.  She told me I would just have to tell the young lad I could not go to the prom with him. I wailed … I couldn’t possibly tell hime ‘no’ after I had said ‘yes’.

Meanwhile  my girl friend’s house was a flurry of activity; the table sheeted with fine satin and tuille and pattern as her mother made her dress. Oh what a dress it was! Prettiest pink, all frothy and swirling skirt!. I told this story to my mother. “NO!” was the answer.

We were getting down to the wire and I still hadn’t been able to extract a ‘yes’. One day on my way out the door to school I was told to me my mother to meet her ‘up town’ after school….’up town’ being the shopping street of our town. I expected to carry home groceries. Imagine my surprise and delight when my mother took me into the ‘Vogue’ ladies shop to buy an evening gown for the prom. To this day I don’t know how my mother managed to save the $10.00 necessary to buy the gown. Little did I know the gown I selected was a fall evening gown……lovely red, with red velvet bodice, and red autumn leaves stitched down the tuille skirt. I didn’t know that all the girls at the prom would be decked in pinks, pale blues and yellows for a spring dance. It didn’t occur to me that my dress wasn’t the most beautiful of all….and having no fashion sense whatsoever didn’t know the difference between spring and fall dresses….so I was walking on cloud nine!

My date arrived by car driven by his father. He also drove us home from the dance.

The dance theme was ‘Evening In Paris’ and the auditorium was decorated in shades of blue and silver with silver stars on the ceiling, tables clad in blue cloth, a live band, a silver wrapped bottle of ginger ale on each table (supposedly to resemble champagne) and…..a sample of ‘Evening in Paris’ perfume for each girl in attendance. The first perfume of my life! What an evening, I was absolutely star struck; I know my feet did not touch the ground all evening or for most of the next few days either!

At these dances a school king and queen were selected. All girls marched across the stage and a panel of lads voted on the girls to select the ‘queen’. To this day I don’t understand why my friend was crowned ‘queen’; I was totally convinced I was the most beautiful girl there. I discovered years later that ‘position’ on the social roster meant more in selection that ‘beauty’. I will always remember this first of my ‘star struck’ evenings!  I kept that dress until a few years ago when I finally decided I could part with it.

Hope this helps you remember your first formal ‘prom’ dance.

The picture displayed with this blog is the type of dress we wore to formal dances at that time.

PS…..I have take on a 'paying' job two or three days a week; my art work is not selling and it is time to replenish my reserves. I will not be able to post every day to this site but will try to post at least twice a week.

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  1. Love this post! I managed to go to a dance when I was graduating from junior high..but then in high school..although I was popular and looked good in a mini skirt..I was never asked to any dances. I even had a boyfriend for a while..but it landed between the dances and when senior prom came he had decided to take a friend I had introduced to him and they were king and queen! Since I was part of a singing group I had to go and sing for the party goers but not stay..in thoses days you couldn't go to prom without a date. I found out later from an aquaintance that the boys liked me but I was the type they wanted to marry not date!!! in other words I guess they figured they couldn't get to far with me..no second base!

  2. Oh wow, that is a beautiful story! My prom was quite a memorable event too. Except I didn't have a date. I just went with a friend of mine. But it was still fun.

    I've just updated my blog and I hope you enjoy the new addtion I put up on there. Thanks!!