Friday, April 30, 2010

High School - First Impressions

Teachers were educators back in the 50’s when I attended high school. They were treated with respect by students and the community. Yes, they were strict however they maintained an environment free from fear or prejudice and encouraged all students to do their best providing skills for the future. I was forever provoking and agitating my way through high school; a regular prankster; even so years later I could still meet and talk with these teachers as an equal for the pranks hurt no one and simply generated giggles.

My sister followed my school trail by four years. Her words are “I hated following you through high school…:”. The comment she received was “Oh, you’re Ruby’s sister………..”  Why was that you ask, backward, socially inept school girl! Well, as I said in my previous blog high school was a major turning point in my life and I was determined to no enjoy!

Let's begin with first days, first impressions which may provide some insight behind “Oh, you’re Ruby’s sister……”

To begin my first impression, didn’t I find my home room teacher was a church elder. Oh no! And didn’t she single me out with the comment “Ruby, how nice to have you in my class…..I’m expecting great ‘things’ from you”. Oh no! Desk please swallow me up, please. I put my head down on my arms and said “Oh God, No!” To which most of the class laughed in glee. And, I must admit the teacher took it very well, smiled very nicely; and didn’t miss a beat in her welcome to all others!

Geography class was taught by a giant of a woman; she seemed seven feet tall although she was probably only 5’9”. And she was a tough, no nonsense teacher. Loved her….loved geography….how could I not. I got to use my drawing/doodling skills to the zenith. All maps were to be hand drawn; all legends were to be executed using pen and ink! No coloured anything…pen and ink. Straight pen with a pen nib! We carried our ink bottles to every class! Fountain pens were not allowed and I don’t believe ballpoint pens had yet reached our town.

Science fell in the same ‘loved it’ category as I again could use my art skills …. As in depiction of the food chain; you know the fly eaten by the spider eaten by the frog…….etc; “I don’t know why she swallowed the fly”. And the teacher was so interesting; a small little lady who trecked through the woods with her sister; in tan jungle-type clothing, tenting all across Canada.

In Sewing and Home Economics Class I left a lasting impression indeed. One my sister bemoaned all her high school years. Home Economics was taught by a former army seargeant major. First off she sent one girl to deposit her chewing gum in trash can . So Dolly lifted a lid on a brightly painted red trash can and plopped her gum…..the can was used as flour storage. I doubled up with laughter and wound up in the hallway for a dressing down. Then the first day of cooking when told to do something, I proceeded to do it a different way. When called on it I informed said teacher “my mother doesn’t do it that way and she’s the best cook in town”. So as you can see, fist day I left a nasty taste behind in cooking class. Sewing class didn’t work out much better either.

But there are more first impressions tomorrow!

Thanks for sharing with me.

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  1. Seems maybe we have a bit of a troublemaker on our hands here. LOL Tep been there done and got the scars to show it.