Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Turn of the Century

This is in my box of memories so I thought I would take this opportunity to share it with you; just a bit of history of farm-type Christmases in Canada at the turn of the century.

The evolution of the Christmas tree in my family begins with this photo here (at least as far as I know it is one of our first). This is a snapshot, turned into Post Card of my stepdad’s Christmas around 1918 when he was about 11-12 yearsof age.   Taken on the homestead farm of his Scottish grandparents in Trout Creek.

I imagine the tree was found somewhere on the farm property; notice it is firmly supported in a pail with water.

I find it particularly interesting to look at what Christmas might bring to a young man at the turn of the century. Apparently the latest in sports equipment for I see a shuttlecock on the carpet for use in playing badminton. A fairly up-to-the-minute game introduced in England around 1899? A current history book titled New War The Siege of Berlin; and of course the wooden cutout soldiers. On the tree we have a hand carved wooden whistle and a canoe.

And the tree decorations …. A few fold-out paper ‘thingys’, Christmas cards and hand made ornaments. Notice the slender wax candles with wicks as yet unlit. I wonder if they were lit!



  1. What a great photo, Ruby! Wonderful to save these old memories, I also have boxes of them.
    This encourages me to sort through them. Thanks!