Thursday, November 18, 2010

Changes and Questions

Have you ever wakened one morning and all has changed, nothing is the same? That has been my recent experience. I have so many questions today, questions which I know cannot be answered.

I do not want to bore you with details, but question the ability to hang on to what you believe when those you love and are close to your heart are suddenly drifting away.

If one is strong in one’s faith I suppose a reason can be found. I cannot today find any reason I can accept; I have heard them all.  Loved ones afflicted with disease and pain; friends just drifting away!

One of my sisters has a history of truly dire medical problems; so I should be ready for this one, but I am not. Watching her once again hang on to the ‘thread’ of life with such tenacity and belief just leaves me angry. I know that we are all part of the ‘cycle of life’ but I question the revolutions within that cycle. Why does it seem the ‘wheel’ spins affliction upon those who are such good human beings when the ‘truly nasty’ ones ride along without impact?

As a youngster, my sister, with coal black hair, perfect peaches and cream complexion and violet eyes that rivaled Elizabeth Taylor's.  A loving and gentle human being now awaits another revolution of the 'wheel'.  She travels I am certain the path in the painting included here.

For more on the painting see my art blog:-pinnaclesandpotholes


  1. Good Morning Ruby, I am sorry about your sister and hopr her trasvels become easy. Sometimes bad things happen to good people! Having been "on the edge" myself you would think I would have found some answers but I remain dumbfounded, the experience was just one more that I have seen, another added to my memories.
    I do know this: today is all I have and I will value it, cherish it, hold onto it.

  2. the painting is beautiful, even peaceful. beauty is the answer to suffering...our minds, in questioning, suffer. but our spirits know peace when we create, and behold, beauty

    i am sorry you are in hardship
    keep the faith, angelstar